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The purpose of this website is to bring you in depth news, views and articles on a wide range of currency related topics.  We have a passion for currency and all matters relating to finance, and as such we have brought together the best sources and reviews to ensure you are armed with the best knowledge possible on all these matters.

As we develop this website further, we aim to include more features and articles relating to currency that will improve your knowledge of it and how you relate to it on a daily basis.  We can guarantee that once you have spent some time going through the material we have provided here, you will look at the coins and notes in your own pocket in a very different way!

We have also created this site to appeal to everyone on a global scale.  We don’t favour any one country over another, and by doing so we believe we can provide enough information to keep everyone interested, as well as giving you the global view of what is going on in the currency and financial world.