Post Office

When your holiday rolls around you want to be sure you can get your currency and travellers checks in double quick time.  The Post Office website at is one option available to you, and you can easily reach the section you need by clicking on the Travel tab in the menu bar at the top of the home page.

What can you buy on the site?

The main services are highlighted on the left hand side of the page, and you will see a link to the foreign currency section coming up first in this column.  Ordering is easy because you have three ways to do it – if you wish you can call in to any Post Office, but the easiest ways are either to order online or to phone them on the number given.

There is a currency calculator included to make life easier and you can also order your Travellers Checks by using this system.  Simply select your choice when you go through to the secure ordering facility.

You can pick up your foreign currency at your nearest Post Office; all you need to do is select your nearest branch when you go through the secure check out procedure online.  You can opt for free delivery to your home if you order over £500 however, so bear this in mind.

You can also buy a Travel Money Card on the Post Office website, which is catching on fast as a safe and secure way to go abroad with the most popular foreign currencies.  You will see the link for the Travel Money Card right below the foreign currency link on the Travel page of the website.

These are only available in three major currencies at the moment – US dollars, pound sterling and the Euro, although the latter does by default cover much of Europe.  Once you get to the Travel Money Card page, all you need to do is hit the Buy Now button and you’ll be taken through to the first step of the buying process.

Once you have selected your chosen currency and entered the amount you want to buy, you need to click on the Purchase button to go through to the next screen.  This will show you exactly how much the card will be loaded with in the currency you selected, and you’ll also see the exact exchange rate that was used to make the transaction.

Once you have clicked on the checkout button and completed the rest of the order your card will be sent out by first class post.  It’s a quick and easy way to make sure you have the cash you need for your forthcoming trip abroad.

In conclusion

The Post Office website makes it quick and easy to find what you need when you want to buy currency in one form or another.  The ordering process is easy and currency converters are supplied exactly when you need them, on just the right page.

All in all this is a great website which offers an efficient service.