Privacy Policy


  1. Your privacy and this website
  2. Personal information
  3. The use of your information
  4. Your data and security
  5. Children’s privacy rights
  6. Changing your information
  7. How to contact us


Your privacy and this website

Your privacy is our utmost concern.  We strive to ensure that whenever you share any personal information with us, it is held under strict conditions and not shared with anyone else.  Please read through the rest of this privacy policy to understand more about how this works.


Personal information

There may be occasions when you will need to enter some of your personal information in order to access certain parts of this website.  If this occurs you will only be asked for the essential information and it will not be shared or revealed to any third party.  This applies regardless of where you live or what details you enter.


The use of your information

We take your personal security very seriously and will not do anything to jeopardize that.  If at any point we ask for your information (such as your first name or email address) we will not seek to use that information without being given your prior permission.  Furthermore if you elect to receive emails from us you can at any time opt out of receiving more in the future.


Your data and security

We take every conceivable measure to ensure that any personal data which is held by us remains secure at all times.  We use only the best software and computer systems which are rigorously and continually checked to ensure they are safe from hackers and anyone else who tries to access the information.  Your personal information is safe and secure with us.


Children’s privacy rights

This website is not intended to be used by, nor is it aimed at, children.  No information has ever been, nor will ever be, taken or requested from anyone other than adults.


Changing your information

We recognize that there may be times when you need to alter or access the personal data that you have shared with us.  In this case you should either email us at the address provided, or phone us on our direct line.  If you ever request and receive log in details for certain parts of the website, you should keep these strictly to yourself and not write them down, since they prevent anyone else from accessing your account without you knowing.


How to contact us

We always welcome contact from visitors to our website, regardless of whether you have a comment, a question, or a complaint.  We will do all we can to resolve any matter you bring to us, and we encourage you to get in touch by email.