A Review Of The Website Expedia.Co.Uk

There are lots of different reasons for wanting to use a currency converter, and as such everyone has their favorite website to go to when they want to convert money from one currency into another.

If you are on the lookout for a cheap vacation, or perhaps a trip to an area you haven’t visited before then you will probably use a currency converter provided on a website that deals specifically in offering various holiday destinations to travelers and families of all kinds.

One such site that is very well known is Expedia.  This website is approaching its tenth anniversary so it is obviously very well established and offers a comprehensive service to thousands of people.  It appeals to a lot of people with different requirements because it allows you a lot of freedom in booking exactly the type of vacation you want.

For example you can book a vacation that has already been organized for you, or you can pick and choose the different aspects to get just the trip you need.  Whatever you decide to do, this site certainly has a lot to offer.

Starting with the home page

You can’t miss the special deals which form a big part of the home page, because they are displayed on a red background that really catches the eye.  The website displays a number of special deals every month, and you will find a selection of them in this very section.  There are also links to other deals that you can choose from by type with the help of the drop down box provided.

Just underneath this box you will find a selection of last minute deals as well, which will provide you with some inspiration if you have a couple of days (or longer) to spare for a quick break.

The home page also gets across the fact that the site is good to visit for inspiration as well.  We don’t always know exactly where we want to go on vacation, and so it’s nice to come across a site like Expedia.co.uk which immediately makes it clear that it provides plenty of information and advice about going to various places.

You can also start to create your ideal trip directly from the home page, as you will see from the options you have available on the left hand side of the page.  It’s actually a good idea to become a member of the Expedia site for free at this point, because this allows you to save your selections to your own member pages.

The upper section of the home page is very easy to navigate, as everything is right there where you need it.  But if you scroll down you will see that there are a number of quick links to other essential areas of the site.  Once you know your way around you may just want to go straight to these if need be.

The main menu bar is at the top of the home page, and this has been laid out to make it easy to go directly to the section you need, depending on whether you are booking flights only, an entire vacation, or an activity of some kind.  As far as holiday based websites go, Expedia.co.uk is right up there with the best of them.

The currency converter

This can be reached directly from the main page.  All you need to do is scroll down to where it says Travel Information on the left hand side of the page.  You will see a series of quick links to essential areas of the website, and one of these is the currency converter.  If you click on this it takes you straight into the converter page.

The currency converter is very easy to use.  All you need to do is enter the exact amount you want to convert in the first box provided.  Below this there is two drop down boxes.  The first one asks you to enter the currency you have now, and the second one is the one you are converting that amount into.  It’s quick and easy to find the ones you need – just enter the first initial of the country you need, and it should take you to that section in the box.  Just remember that Britain for example may be under Great Britain or the United Kingdom on some converters, although on this one it appears as British pounds sterling.

All you need to do then is click on the link below the boxes to get your results.  These are also very easy to understand because the result itself is displayed in bold at the top – so you can see the amount you are converting and what it converts into at the current rates.  These are up to date for that day as well, so it is a good indication of what you would receive.  Although if you are going to be traveling in the near future bear in mind that you would have to take into account fees for changing up your currency into that used in the country you are visiting.

One good part of the converter is that even when you have performed a currency conversion you don’t need to go back a page to perform another one.  This is because the same converter is provided again right underneath the results you have just received, which makes it easy to try out different currencies one after the other.

Other useful tools on this site

On the home page, right near the link for the currency converter, there is a weather option which allows you to check the weather forecast for virtually any location you can think of.

If you click on this link it will take you into a page featuring the map of the world, and you can then click on the country you need and select your area from there.  If you scroll down that page you will see all the main regions and locations in the world are included, and they should give you an idea of what to expect if you are vacationing in any area of the world.

But on the left hand side of this page in a separate box you will notice that there is a section labeled Traveler’s Tools, which also contains links to other tools which may come in handy when you are thinking of taking a holiday.

One good tool is the one concerning various different airports and what they offer in the way of facilities.  All you need to do is click on any airport name and you will see a whole page of information coming back at you.  This includes a map, how to get there, the actual address and a link to the website of the airport if it has one.

It’s good to look at if you are planning to go somewhere and you need to make sure the airport has certain facilities, such as those for babies and young children for example.  If you know what to expect before you get there you will be much better prepared to take the right things with you.

There is also a quick facility to search flights and statuses, just in case you need to pick someone up or you want to see if the airport you are flying out of is having any delays of any kind.

Expedia.co.uk also offers an email service where they send you an email on a regular basis offering a range of special deals that are unique to Expedia and which you may otherwise miss out on.  No matter whether you are regularly going on trips or weekends away or you only go away once a year, these emails could provide you with the link to a much better vacation than you had in mind.

What other sections are there to explore?

There is a lovely section that Expedia does very well which is called the Tops Tens section.  There is a link to this from the home page, which you will see if you look on the right hand side and scroll down the page slightly.

If you are looking for something really memorable then these lists provide you with just about all the inspiration you could ever want.  For example, one of the top ten lists reveals the ten best drives you could go on.  These vary from the Pacific Coast Highway in the US to the Northern Lakes in Italy, and under each entry you will find a paragraph giving more information followed by a number of easy links that make light work of booking hotels, flights or holidays in this region.

If you need some inspiration then this is really one of the best places to start on the website, since there are so many diverse top tens covered, and so many unusual places visited as well as some of the more familiar ones.  You won’t go wrong if you book a vacation based around one of these prompts.

Some of the more interesting top tens are based around film locations, family hotels and surfing destinations, to name but a few.

If you click on the activities tab in the menu bar at the top of the page, you will be able to search for a break based around a particular activity.  The main page of this section gives you a number of other options part of the way down the page, including theme parks, sightseeing and so on.  Click on any one of these to be taken into some of the best options available anywhere in the world.

For example if you select the theme parks option you will see one of the most popular destinations of all – Orlando.  Suggestions are also given for other possibilities in the other activity types given on the main page. 

But here is a tip for you.  If you don’t want to do a lot of searching, go to the main page, scroll right down to the bottom and find the link that says ‘attractions’.  It is next to the bolded sentence that simply says ‘search for’.  When you click on this link you will see that it leads you to an index page with plenty of clickable links to places you may want to consider visiting.

These are the most popular destinations that visitors to the Expedia website book themselves onto.  The places are listed alphabetically and are followed by the most popular activity in that location.  Simply click on this link to find out more.  This is a wonderful facility for people to use if they want some guidance in finding somewhere excellent to visit with popular things to do while they are there.

User friendly features

There is a comprehensive help section which can be reached from any page by clicking on the customer support link at the top of the page.  This opens in a new window so as not to interrupt anything you may be in the middle of researching or booking on the main website.

The top ten questions which come up most frequently are listed in a clickable format on the first page you see.  If you click on one of these to read them you will notice that there isn’t a clear path to return to the previous page.  It is there, but it isn’t easy to see at first glance.  You will need to look for the ‘back to list’ option right at the top of the page, in the line of options just above the white fluffy cloud!

You have two main options when you reach this section.  You can either locate a specific section to find some information on, or you can actually ask a specific question in the box provided.  If you choose this second option you will get a list of relevant search results gleaned from their database, from which you can select the information which most applies to your request.

Some of the answers you receive may have web links in them to useful sites, such as government sites giving information on travel visas for example.  You also get the chance to vote on whether the answer was suitable or not.  This should give Expedia the chance to improve in those areas where the information isn’t quite as comprehensive as it could be.

On the whole though this section is extremely useful and will answer a lot of the questions you may have.  One quick tip – if you have typed a question in directly and you now want to look up the information provided in a particular section, make sure you clear the information in the question box before you search, as it won’t perform the action automatically.

When you are reading the relevant answer to your question, you will notice that there is the option to print out the answer if you wish.  This link is at the very top of the page.  If you still don’t feel you have the exact answer you want then you can email Expedia.co.uk directly via the link at the top.

In conclusion

This is a very big website and for good reason, since it offers so many options for booking your next vacation and also provides all the information you could want as well.

It is very easy to navigate and it needs to be, since it gives you the option of planning your entire vacation bit by bit.  If you want to book a package option then you can do, but whatever your needs might be you can count on Expedia to serve them well.

As such it doesn’t matter whether you arrive on the site with a firm idea of exactly where you want to go, how you want to get there and where you want to stay when you arrive, or you have no idea about your destination at all.  If you click on the destinations tab at the top of the page you can go to any country and zoom in on the area you want to visit, where you will find a page of information about the area in general, followed by links that will help you to book services relating to a vacation in that area.

In short, it doesn’t matter what you have in mind when you go on the Expedia website; you are sure to find what you want by the time you finish.  And even if you don’t you will probably come away with an altogether different plan of where to spend those precious two weeks off you are due to have!

That’s one of the reasons this is such a highly trafficked website.  People know that it doesn’t discriminate on the type of holidays it provides.  Whatever you need and whenever you need it, you will no doubt find it here.  And with the extra services and tools provided as well, there is every reason to keep coming back here every year – even if you choose a different place to visit each time!