A Review Of The Website ForexTradings.Com

The website www.forextradings.com is clearly another one of those Forex based sites that packs a lot into its home page.  However the key to working out how good the site is overall is to delve deeper into what it has to offer.

You don’t need to spend that long on the search engines to find a wide range of websites dedicated to bringing you the best in Forex news, views and advice.  That is why it’s important to evaluate several of the ones you find, in order to ensure that you can select the best ones for you.  Everyone has their own needs so you should take the time to match up those needs to a website that fulfils them the best.

So will www.forextradings.com be one of your most favored websites?  Let’s find out.

Starting with the home page

The website gets straight down to business on the home page, giving you a wealth of information right from the word go.  The latest news items concerning the foreign exchange markets are given high priority, being displayed right in the middle of the page at the top, so you can see them without scrolling down.  You can scroll down through the headlines themselves though, as there are far more included here than there are at first glance.  Clicking on a headline brings up a new internet page that takes you into the story itself. 

Elsewhere on the home page you will see the latest Forex statistics.  Each currency pairing is clearly listed along with the relevant figures and an up or down arrow – colored in green or red respectively – to indicate whether it has improved or worsened.  This is updated every minute and the page will refresh to indicate the new figures.

The main menu is a small one and it is indicated by a blue bar which runs across the top of the page.  You should also scroll down to see the other sections worth accessing, which are listed down the left hand side of the page below the latest Forex figures.  These take you into more specific areas of the site which offer calculators, analysis and various types of news among other things.  As a rule it is worth looking here first before looking anywhere else, since there are plenty of direct links worth using.

The home page uses a format that is continued throughout the rest of the website, and it is one which is very easy on the eye.  Each section is headed by a blue bar containing white writing, and each link is also in blue to identify them easily – resulting in a website that is very user friendly.

Because of these blue bars you won’t have any trouble in seeking out the daily research section on the home page.  This box has a number of links to other sites, which each provide a daily overview of trends, information and developments in the world of Forex.  There are also a number of other links to alternative sites on this first page, giving the impression that www.forextradings.com is a good place to go if you want the best of the rest included in one easy to access place.

If you scroll right down to the bottom you will find a link to some content you can put on your own website if you wish; this includes a couple of calculators and some banners, for which all the html you need is provided.  All you need to do is to copy and paste it in.

The home page also features a ‘links’ link – so if you want to find some other sources of information for your Forex needs then this would be an ideal place to start.

In short the home page does give you a great starting point and promises a lot more to come on the rest of the website.

What sections are there to explore?

If you are new to foreign exchange trading then you will certainly want to take a look at the section on Forex Education.  This is pretty comprehensive and takes you through this subject in stages, which makes it a lot easier to digest.

The section gives you a brief introduction into how the Forex market came about in the first place, before going into more detail in the subsequent sections.  You may feel tempted to skip certain bits that you think you know, but the level of detail is such that this could be foolhardy.  The material is well written and very accessible even to the layperson, and so you should read through everything in order to ensure you understand it all.

Charts and strategies are also looked at and discussed, and by the time you get to the end of the section you should feel a lot more confident about taking your first steps in this arena.  The page on essential indicators in particular breaks down several of the indicators that will already be familiar to people who are currently trading on the market.

The website also contains a number of Forex articles which are well worth a read.  These come from several different sources but if you read through the source for each one you will see that they all have a superb pedigree.  Names such as Credit Suisse, Bank of Canada and Investopedia.com are all featured, and the articles themselves are all located on those sites.  The www.forextradings.com website simply uses this section to link to some of the best articles which are out there on the web today.

The Forex research section should not go unnoticed either, for it provides daily, weekly and monthly opinions and analysis on various matters to do with foreign exchange trading, and reading even a few of these reports could make all the difference to your overall strategy.

It is noticeable once more that every one of these goes through to another website, and in fact by now you may be thinking that there is very little unique content on this site.  That is true to a certain extent, but the site still serves a very strong purpose.  Everyone knows that you can find out virtually anything online if you look in the right places, but it is also true that you are in danger of experiencing information overload if you keep at it for too long.

What this website does is to go out and find all the best sources for the kind of material that you want and need to be able to get the best out of your Forex trading.  There are calculators which are housed on the site – the currency converter for example; and the pivot point calculator that you can also put on your own website if you wish – but by and large the content is sourced from elsewhere.

What you are getting is the cream of the crop.  All the hard work has been done for you and while some people like to do the legwork themselves not everyone has the time to do so.  The education section has been created by the site, and several other features have been added by them as well, and it is this combination of unique content and the best of the rest which has propelled the site into its position of being able to offer a huge range of reliable news and information to all its visitors.

How user friendly is the website?

The color scheme and design of the website both add to its ease of use, and the fact that everything is clearly and efficiently laid out means you don’t have to spend ages searching for whatever it is you want.

The owners of the site know what features are likely to be needed most frequently – such as charts and calculators – and that is obviously why they have given visitors direct access to them via the left hand column.

It is also worth noting that the site offers a free newsletter via email that gives you the opportunity to take advantage of free offers from time to time.  This is useful as it acts as a constant reminder of the benefits of the website and is likely to draw you back to it frequently.

So yes, the site is very user friendly and has enough features to keep both the newcomers and the seasoned pros in the foreign exchange markets happy.

What is the single best feature?

The best feature for this website is the news section, as this offers several sections in itself that are worth looking at.  The main thing to point out here is that the news section has a global reach; it doesn’t pick any particular country out as being the most important. 

The financial news part contains the most up to date news stories as they happen, so it’s worth checking back here often to see if there is news of any events which could influence your knowledge and use of the foreign exchange markets.  There is also a page for any Forex updates that occur, while regional news is also provided.

If you click on this option the menu along the left hand side of the page will change to show a wide variety of countries and locations.  Simply click on the one you want information on and the relevant headlines for that region or country will appear.  This is an outstanding feature as it allows you to dig as deep as you like into news for countries you have an interest in, and those you do not wish to find out details about can be left alone.  This is much easier and more in depth than trying to wade through everything to find the news stories you want.

Some of the news isn’t financial but the vast majority is, and it is a great information center for you if you want to keep in touch with what is going on around you – especially if that news could affect the decisions you make in the foreign exchange markets.

In conclusion

It’s certainly true that some people need more guidance in the foreign exchange markets than others.  Some of it depends on how knowledgeable you are to begin with, but by and large the websites that stand to become the best known and most highly trafficked of all the sites on Forex are those which offer the chance to educate yourself as well as finding out the latest headlines.

The whole design of the website is simple but professional, giving new visitors just the right impression.  While it may not be your favorite website on Forex and everything to do with it, it should certainly find its way into your favorites if only because it offers one of the best overviews of the current state of affairs in this department than many other websites do.

Some of the more advanced websites can be a little off putting for beginners, but www.forextradings.com doesn’t have that feeling.  It is a great looking website and doesn’t give you that daunting feeling that some others do.  It also acts as a superb conduit in leading you to a whole range of other websites that you may also want to look at in more depth, so in this sense its strategy of bringing you the best that can be found on other websites works in more than one way.

You might have noticed that clicking on the section which says Forex Resources actually takes you into a very similar domain name which simply has a holding page.  Obviously this has been designed to make the site owners a little money (which you can hardly blame them for, since the main website doesn’t have much in the way of advertising at all), but then again if you want to find out about other areas of interest in the currency and Forex stakes, this could be the best place to start looking.

In the end www.forextradings.com is a great place for beginners to get started, and has clearly done enough to get noticed by plenty of people already.