A Review Of The Website ForexTV.Com

Some Forex websites are a little more detailed than others, but which one you decide to go for as a regular source of information is very much a personal choice.

However with that said, it is well worth it if you pay a visit to www.forextv.com as it has plenty to offer which you might find to be of interest.  The one thing that certainly stands out on this website is the level of detail that is given on various different subjects.  There are plenty of news stories to get your teeth into, but you will find a lot of information here that puts this site ahead of several others on the subject, and for that you might want to consider bookmarking it for future use.

Let’s take a closer look at the site to see exactly what it has to offer.

Starting with the home page

The home page doesn’t waste any time in getting to the point.  There is no welcome section or anything similar – instead it gets straight down to business and provides you with a range of commentaries on the current market situation and a selection of headlines on the latest news developments in the foreign exchange markets.

The first thing you will notice about these sections is that they are tabbed so that you can select the type of news you want to see.  So for example you have the option to see the latest economic news headlines as well as a couple of other options as well, although it always defaults to the Forex news when you first arrive on the home page.  If you click on one of these headlines you will be taken directly into the story itself, giving you the opportunity to read about it in more depth.

But there is plenty more to greet you on the home page of www.forextv.com as well, not least the section which lends itself well to the name of the website.  The Forex video section gives you the chance to go directly into three of the top videos available on the site.  Clicking on one of the titles takes you into that area of the website and loads the appropriate video for you to watch.  Read the following section for more information on the video portion of the website.

The home page also makes it clear that this website has a truly global view.  If you take a closer look at the top of the page you will notice the phrase ‘market preview’ written in red on the right hand side.  After that you have a choice of clicking on Americas, Europe or Asia to see a page which is concentrated on that area of the world.

In a similar vein you can also access information about various different currencies, the links for which are on the left hand side of the page near the top.  We’ll explore these pages in more detail in the next section as well.

An economic calendar is also included on the home page, and it gives you a lot of flexibility in how to use it.  As it stands it gives you a good overview of what is going on and any notable facts and figures you need to know, but you can also filter the results to see those that apply to a particular country, rather than having to scroll through the whole lot to find what you want.

If you scroll right to the bottom of the page there is something approaching a site map included for your use.  This quickly and easily leads you to the best areas of the site, and also lists a number of tools which you may find useful when deciding how to press forward in the foreign exchange market.

The layout on the home page is very easy to navigate, and it makes it easy to dive in without having to get to grips with where everything is first.  There is a search facility in the top right hand corner, and just above that (so small that you might in fact miss it if you aren’t careful) there is a link which invites you to take advantage of their email video alerts service.  This is a useful information service to subscribe to if you trade in the foreign currency markets frequently, as it is a good way of staying in touch with what is going on.

In short the home page holds a lot of promise of what else is still to come, and it encourages you to explore the rest of the website without delay.

What sections are there to explore?

Let’s begin with the Forex video part of the site, which can be reached by clicking on the appropriate button at the top of the home page (or any other page of the site).  This brings up the main page of this section, which defaults to the news mode when you enter.  There are also other options which allow you to check other types of videos, and as you click on each part you will notice that the options underneath the small screen change.  You can select any of these to watch on that screen, and each one has a brief explanatory paragraph included to give you an idea of what each video is about.

Another useful tool is the briefing pages that can be reached from the home page.  Each one concentrates on a different currency and you can also watch the exchange rates as they change – literally live and as they happen.  This is led by a brief but fact laden paragraph describing the current events affecting this particular currency, as well as a number of charts which help you to picture what is going on.  This is an extremely good way of narrowing your focus towards one currency in particular, and making sure you go directly to the kind of news you want to know about as far as your own individual Forex interests are concerned.

Clicking on the Forex news section of the menu bar which runs across the top of the page will take you to a long page filled with the latest headlines which are relevant to the foreign exchange markets.  There are plenty of these on any given day, and while some of them offer no more than a snapshot of the news story in question, they all help to give an accurate picture of what is happening on the day.

Furthermore, if you look at the uppermost white box on the left hand side of the page you will notice that the news section is split into several different areas; click on any one of these and you will see another page listing plenty of news headlines relevant to that particular area.  It makes the huge news area very easy to navigate.

For those with more than a very basic knowledge of the foreign exchange markets there is an excellent area of the website which concentrates on providing charts for various currencies.  All you need to do to change the chart is to click on the currency code at the top which relates to the one you want a chart for.

But one of the main areas of the site which hasn’t yet been mentioned is actually one of the most notable ones.  Not every site concentrates heavily on the ‘how to’ aspect of Forex, and yet there are many people out there who want to know how to get started in this area.

Fortunately www.forextv.com is one of the sites that does teach its visitors very well, and provides a comprehensive area to browse through that many people will find very useful, regardless of where they stand in the grand scheme of things.  This really does start with the basics – something that is quite often ignored by some sites who assume that people will at least know what Forex is.  By starting right from square one ForexTV.com aims to ensure that everyone is able to understand the workings of the Forex market, and as such they can choose whether or not they want to get involved.

This part of the site also includes a number of education videos that aim to show you how to get started – a great addition to an already great section.

How user friendly is the website?

There is no obvious site map here, but that isn’t a real problem.  Every single page has all the navigation tools you could need, plus the section at the bottom which acts as a site map.  This makes it easy to find out where to get the information you need.

The professional appearance and global reach provides an efficient website that is a joy to use.  It works with you instead of against you, and you shouldn’t experience any problems in using it.  The level of news coverage does a good job in keeping the site up to date, and it also includes a lot of reference material that you can count on if needed.

In short, the site is easy to use and manages to meet every goal it sets for itself – namely to provide an outstanding website that is a vital source of information and advice for every Forex trader out there, both now and in the future.

What is the single best feature?

There are plenty on www.forextv.com, but the one which wins its place in this section is the resource page.

There are ten resources on this page which both foreign exchange traders and webmasters will find useful, and they are all accessible from this one page.  Among those included are the obligatory currency converter (very easy to use and available in four different languages), a pivot point calculator (along with plenty of information on how to use it and what is involved in doing so) and lots of options for webmasters on how to use the content provided on the website to their own advantage when it comes to sprucing up their own websites.

There are lots of widgets and feeds to choose from here, and it is a good example of how pro-active the website is when it comes to appealing to everyone who visits it; regardless of whether they are looking for content for their website or simply the best way to find the information they need to help them in their own forays into Forex.

In conclusion

Some websites which deal in foreign exchange market matters take some time to get used to.  This website does not fall into that category.  It is instantly likable and usable and those are two of the best reasons to keep it bookmarked for ease of use.

While it clearly has a lot to offer to people who haven’t yet set foot in the trading waters of the foreign exchange markets, the site is structured in such a way as to ensure that your interest in it will not diminish once you build on your knowledge and have a reasonable idea of what Forex is all about.

This is the mark of a good website – the ability to draw in a wide audience on a subject with ease, offering a wide range of information and advice that will ensure people will keep coming back for more in the future.

Many Forex related websites are also taking the opportunity to add other dimensions to their sites that encourage still more people to keep coming back for more.  The most notable addition to www.forextv.com is the blogs section.  This contains three blogs which are all concentrated on different areas of Forex, and you can also get a widget for each one which displays the latest posts in that blog to put on your own blog or website.

No doubt the site gets a lot of useful free advertising from this tool, but it also offers those who use it a good way to keep in touch with what is going on in this area.  It is undoubtedly the sum total of all the sections, tools and information on www.forextv.com that makes this site one of the best in its area.