A Review Of The Website FX-Portal.Com

Some websites convince you of their wide ranging attitude towards their subject from the moment you first see the home page.  The website http://fx-portal.com is one of those sites.

This is a website that is clearly dedicated to the subject of foreign exchange trading (Forex) and never pretends to be anything else.  It is this dedication to this subject area that makes it a real contender when it comes to choosing a website to get your information, guidance and advice from.

While the home page would have you believe this is a site for those who already have a good deal of knowledge about this market, there is plenty here for beginners to use as well, so it’s worth having a good look round before making your decision.

Let’s go into more detail now by delving into the different areas of this website.

Starting with the home page

The sheaf of banknotes of all different types and denominations at the top of the home page gives a unique look to the site that is repeated on every page.  This makes it abundantly clear that we are on a website that is concerned with money and nothing else.

There is also a neat and eye catching menu section at the top of the page which is split into six sections, giving you an immediate overview of what is available on the site as a whole. 

There are some neat touches on this page that point to the owners having thought a lot about how to give an added dimension of help and information to visitors without overwhelming them at every step.  Typical examples of this are the times in various cities around the world to the right hand side of the menu, and a link to a currency converter direct from the home page.  There is also a simple search feature at the top of the page which gives you the chance to go directly to the page you want once you have entered your search criteria.

Each section is marked by a down arrow in a colored box, and while these boxes are small they still stand out – especially since the more important aspects of the site are indicated by a small bright red box.  The latest news headlines related to the Forex market are given priority on the home page, and you will also see a section containing links to new articles that have been added to the site recently.

Further down this page you are given the opportunity to download some free reports analyzing the current state of the market.  This is a common aspect of the foreign exchange markets, where constant analysis is undertaken by experts in the field and then made available to everyone to read and digest. 

If you scroll right down to the bottom of the page you will notice a small selection of links grouped together on the right hand side.  These links point to various areas of the website that you can access simply by clicking on the phrase that interests you.  While these are small and could go unnoticed they do give you another chance to get to where you want to go.

In short this is a home page which acts as a good introduction to a site that is clearly dedicated to Forex.  It also bodes well for getting to a wide selection of information and data which could prove very useful for you when continuing your attempts to make money in this area.

What sections are there to explore?

The tools section is a good one to start with, since it offers you a number of charts and calculators that will help you get the best from your Forex efforts.  There is a currency converter which is very easy to use and gives you the appropriate conversion rate without you even having to hit the convert button.  This makes it easier to check different currencies against a base one since you can simply select another one from the list and the relevant rate comes up automatically.

There is also a chart showing you the main interest rates currently in force around the world, along with a Forex futures chart.  Many of these tools are intended more for those who already have a good knowledge of the Forex market, since there is a lack of instructions on how to use them, but to be fair the site is definitely more geared towards those who already have a good knowledge of Forex.

If you are thinking about opening a Forex account for the first time you should pay the accounts section a visit, as this is packed with links to plenty of websites that offer accounts.  Many of these offer free accounts to use as a demonstration of how the real thing works, so it’s worth scrolling through them to see which site would appeal to you the most.

There is also a similar section which gives you a comprehensive list of Forex brokers you may wish to use.  Each link takes you through to a separate page which gives you information about that particular broker and how long they have been in business among other things.  There are also full contact details included for you to contact them directly, all of which makes this a good addition to the site.

But it is perhaps the education section which is of the most interest to many people who visit the site – especially those who haven’t been trading in the Forex markets for very long – purely because it provides a series of articles which all go into some depth regarding a particular issue.  Some of these are more advanced and concentrate on various different subjects, such as trading strategies for example.  Others are more basic and would be good for amateur Forex traders to read, so it is well worth glancing through the articles on offer while you are browsing round the website, regardless of where you may be on your own personal learning curve.

There are also a lot more articles which are accessible via the archives, so make sure you check those too as you will get more pages of results back if you do.

There is also the Forex traders’ corner of the site, which contains some charts that have live quotes on them for foreign exchange purposes.  You can sit and watch your computer screen change without doing anything here, and it is worth watching to see how the market moves from second to second, especially if you are new to this and you want to get a feel for how it all works.

Below this is a column of the latest headlines regarding particular currencies, updated as and when necessary but always on a regular basis.  All in all this demonstrates the depth of information available on the site, and how useful it can be to anyone with an interest in Forex.

How user friendly is the website?

The layout is designed to be exactly the same on every page, so once you have looked around the site for a few moments you will know exactly where to find everything and it becomes much quicker and easier to use.

There is a site map included, and unlike many sites it isn’t tucked away at the bottom of the page either.  You’ll see a link to it near the top of the page just to the left of where the times in various cities are displayed.  Click on this and you will be taken through to the map where everything is listed in its sections and sub-sections.  You can then click on the section you want to be taken straight there.

The search feature is extremely user friendly since it is tailored towards each individual page.  This isn’t something you see very often and it certainly enhances your use of the website.  Similarly there is a small section menu which is present for each part of the website and lays out all the relevant pages for you to access easily.

Each page is designed to give you the best links to the most appropriate areas of the site, so while there is a great deal of continuity between the separate pages you will also see that there is some versatility built in to make your whole experience on http://fx-portal.com a much easier one than it could be otherwise.

What is the single best feature?

We are choosing the news section – purely because it demonstrates the depth of information on this website, and the fact that every news story is closely related to the foreign exchange markets.  Some websites tend to beef up their news content with more general financial news, which works well for some but since this website is devoted to the Forex markets it would be out of place to include anything else.

There are also several features in this section which make it extremely user friendly.  A good example is the search facility.  At first glance you may think this is just a standard search facility but this is not the case.  It is set up to search the news part of the site and nothing else, so if you need a particular piece of newsworthy information then you can find it more easily by using this tool.

Just below this you will also see a handy list of links to the articles and news items which are favored more heavily by visitors to the site.  Since this news section also includes daily or weekly overviews of the Forex market, you will often find direct links to these in this section, along with links to news items on specific currencies that have proved popular.

If you scroll right down to the bottom of this page you will see a link to the archives, which allows you to read through information and news stories from further back than the present time. As is always the case with news pages, the most recent stories will always appear at the top of the page, pushing everything else down as and when they are put on the site.

All in all this is a great section and it includes many gems that will enhance both your use of the website as a whole and your experience within the foreign exchange market.

In conclusion

The name of this website, FX Portal, perfectly describes its role among the myriad of websites available on the subject of the foreign exchange markets.  It truly is a portal into a world that can sometimes be confusing and overly complex to those who don’t have much knowledge of it, and yet it manages not to alienate those people who are new to the subject.

The layout overall is very different from many other websites but it is this which makes it stand out, and in no way does it detract from how useful and usable this website actually is.  While the site doesn’t have very many sections they pack a lot into each one while maintaining the ease of use that marks this site as one to watch in the future.

The news content is certainly very tightly focused on the Forex market, and while other sites might provide more in the way of news content it is often not all as focused as this is.  The feeling and sense of efficiency and matter of fact approach that this website has are definitely two of the things that really make it stand out among its competition.

There are plenty of sites out there today on the web that focus on Forex in some way, but rarely do they concentrate on that with the depth and concentration that this site does.  All the contacts and links you will need are here, not to mention a lot of unique content in the way of articles and more besides.  When you need up to date information then http://fx-portal.com should be one of your first stops.