A Review Of The Website GoCurrency.com

GoCurrency.com has a professional look and feel about it that permeates through the entire site.  There is plenty to get your teeth into here and while it includes a basic currency converter for your use, you will soon find that you can glean much more information by simply browsing around the site for a while.

GoCurrency.com ranks very highly in the search engine results and it isn’t hard to see why.  It takes a comprehensive view of the world of currency and it is very easy to navigate to different sections to find the information that will most appeal to your needs.

Starting with the home page

No matter what your reasons are for using this website, you will find it easy to get to the information you want from the home page. 

The page itself is well laid out and eye catching without being too garish.  There are also links to all the relevant sections and there is a site map at the bottom of the page should you wish to see at a glance all the available features and uses of the site.  This is also very well laid out and it may surprise you to see the amount of information the site contains.

Of course one of the most important features of this kind of site is the currency converter itself, and that is given a prominent position here by its inclusion on the top left hand side of the page. 

There is a single gray bar near the top of the page which can direct you more easily into the area of the website which is the most relevant to your needs.  One click will take you into a section designed to appeal to travelers, while another section guides you towards information for currency trading. 

This is perhaps the single most beneficial part of the home page itself – it has been designed to ensure that whatever you need when you arrive on the site, you can find it quickly and easily by following their directions to funnel you into the relevant area.

There is also an ‘at a glance’ chart on exchange rates for the top six currencies.  While this is not right up to the minute (there is a twenty minute delay for the website to receive the information as it comes in) it is extremely useful to have in this position as you can see it the moment you arrive on the site.

The currency converter

This is nestled on the home page for ease of use, and follows the same format as all others.  All you need to do is enter the amount you want to convert and select the two currencies you are converting from and to.  Once you click on the convert button you will be taken into the results page, which offers a wealth of information you can use as well as the results you want.

Firstly you will see the results of your request in bold type, followed by the exchange rate used in both directions (i.e. US dollars to Australian dollars and vice versa).  Following that there is a simple graph showing the history of this particular exchange rate between the two currencies over the last few weeks.  This can be of use if you want to try and predict how things will continue in the short term future.

Once you have looked at the graph you will see three links nestled below it.  The first one invites you to create a converter for taking on vacation or a business trip.  If you click on this you will see a currency converter designed for the two currencies you chose previously.  This is particularly useful as it can be printed off and taken with you when you go away.  All you need to do is work out a currency conversion for your own currency and the one for the country you are visiting, and go into the pocket sized converter provided.

The second link prompts you to do another conversion, while the third leads you into an external website where you can buy your foreign currency online if you wish.  All in all, the currency converter is very good and a breeze to use, but it also offers you the opportunity to look into historical exchange rates.

This is a superb benefit because a lot of websites similar in nature to this one require you to use an alternative calculator to find out this kind of backdated information; here it is a simple matter of hitting the ‘historic’ button instead of the ‘convert’ button.

As soon as you do this your results will come up, showing you the average exchange rates for the last few months in a bar chart on the right hand side of the page.  The average amounts for each month are also indicated below it. 

While this might seem to be slightly less than precise for your needs, you will also see there is another version of the standard currency calculator on the left hand side of the page.  This allows you to enter the exact date you need to know the exchange rate for, plus the currencies themselves.  You can search right back to 1990 on this website, which is about as far back as any other sites can search as well, so it holds up to the competition in this respect.

Other useful tools on this site

The site map is worth a proper mention because it points to how comprehensive and in depth this website really is.  The most important sections are all included at the very top of this page, before going down to list all the countries that each have a page of information about them concerning their currency and other interesting facts.

After that there is a large section of articles which cover many different currency related topics.  This alone makes www.gocurrency.com one of the leaders in its field for offering information which can be used in many different ways.

At the top of the home page you will also find a neat feature that is so small you could easily miss it at first.  It consists of a drop down box featuring dozens of countries all around the world, with a note by the side of it which states ‘Currencies by country’.

When you select a country and go to that page you will see a wealth of information which goes far beyond the currency used in each one.  So for example if you select the United States, you will be taken to a page which contains a long article about the currency, plus sections on how the country is run, the government, the main political figures in that country, economic factors currently in play and what their main industries tend to be.

If you are looking for a snapshot of any particular country you will be impressed with this service that GoCurrency.com provides, since it gives you an idea of what to expect should you be thinking about going into the Forex markets, or even a little information that will come in handy if you are intending to visit that particular country.

There are also a couple of useful boxes included on each of these pages, titled Related Topics and Resources respectively, which again leads you into other pages which would be useful if you want to know more about subjects relating to that particular country and currency.

There is also a blog connected to the website, which can be found by looking for the small box halfway down the left hand side of the web page, entitled ‘Go Blog’.  This has three sections, entitled Forex News, International Investing and International Travel, and each link takes you to another area of the website which each comprises of a blog.

This is an essential part of what makes this website so good – it gives you a more personal look at each of the three subject areas and leads you to even more information and opinion about all three.  The blogs themselves are very well organized with lots of different sections in each one, and they form a good way to find out relevant news both from now and in the past.

The travel blog in particular is very good as it gives you an insight into lots of travel tips to make life easier, as well as telling you about exchanging money and all kinds of other processes that you might need to know about while on vacation.

All in all this section is not signposted that well, but once you find it you will see that the section that appeals to you the most is worth bookmarking for future use.  The body of information provided stands as a testament to how helpful this site is, even if some of the entries have not been updated for a while.

What other sections are there to explore?

The Travelers Corner is well worth exploring if you do travel to different countries on a regular basis, or you are planning to take a vacation in the near future.  Use this in conjunction with the travel blog and you have an indispensable guide to traveling all over the world.

Apart from featuring the currency converter in a prime position, you will also see another link to the pocket converter described earlier.  There are also a number of articles which would be of interest to all travelers, including at the time of writing a piece about the fact that certain currencies are performing poorly on the world markets – something which means that certain destinations represent excellent value for money when thinking about where you want to go on vacation.

It is articles such as these which make a distinct difference when it comes to a website like this one.  There is a tendency to provide all the tools and converters that people need, while forgetting that information can be equally as useful to some people.  GoCurrency.com manages to provide a well balanced website that meets all the needs of those who want the basic facts and figures, as well as going into a lot more depth for those people who need more information.

A similar layout to the Travelers Corner is repeated in the section on Currency Trading, which can also be reached by clicking on the relevant tab in the gray bar near the top of the screen.  The main piece to greet you here is a beginner’s guide to the foreign exchange markets – you simply click through the link provided to see the full article from the teaser on the main page.

Once again there are more useful articles which follow this one, mirroring the pattern we saw in the Travelers Corner and providing a theme which recurs throughout the www.gocurrency.com website.  That is the fact that you can access basic information easily, and then dig further and deeper to find out more if you need to know it.  Once you have explored a few pages it is easy to see how the mass of information on the site is laid out, and while the amount of content is huge you will find it unnecessary to keep referring to the site map all the time, since it is so easy to find your way around.

User friendly features

GoCurrency.com uses the colors of blue and green to accent its site, together with light gray bars in certain places.  This makes it easy to see where the pertinent information is, because your eyes are naturally drawn to these colors as you browse through the site.  The site is also clearly not afraid of using white space to its advantage, and it uses it well to make different sections more appealing to the eye.  There is no danger of getting that ‘overcrowded’ feeling here.

You can also reach the historic exchange rates calculator via the link in the center of the home page, indicated by the familiar green box.  This is a good example of the website making it easy to find certain well used tools by making them available in more than one location.  The internal linking used on the website has obviously been thought through very carefully, as it is done in such a way as to ensure the right information is at your fingertips at just the right time.

There is also minimal advertising, which can be off-putting when it comes to websites such as this.  The small amount that is available blends in seamlessly with the rest of the content on the website, giving you the choice of whether you want to click on it or not.

They have also created a newsletter that you can subscribe to and have delivered direct to your inbox every month, which is a feature that not all websites of this nature offer to their visitors.  It has probably helped to ensure the website’s position as one of the world’s most trusted and reliable sites, as far as the subject matter is concerned.

The monthly round up which arrives in your inbox is concerned with which currencies are doing well and which ones aren’t, giving you practical advice on which ones offer the best value at that current time.  This is very useful for those people who are heading off on holiday or perhaps looking to get involved in the foreign exchange markets.

As always it’s often the smallest touches that separate a good website from a great one, and it is the quiet professionalism that really stands out here.  It also appeals to people in all countries because of the wide range of articles and information that is included.  Some websites of this nature lean more towards some countries than others, but that isn’t the case with www.gocurrency.com – particularly where the articles are concerned.

In conclusion

You might have a number of different reasons for finding this website, but one thing is for certain – once you do find it you’ll be hard pushed not to bookmark it.

A lot of thought has gone into the design of this website and it is one of the most comprehensive websites of its type on the net today.  If it doesn’t contain the information that you need, it will almost certainly be able to point you in the right direction at the very least.

The layout is very clear and easy to comprehend, and it certainly doesn’t fall into the trap that many websites which deal with currency or foreign exchange markets sometimes do - the trap in this case being the fact that there are figures and charts everywhere and it all looks too daunting to even think about figuring out what it is all supposed to mean.

In short, www.gocurrency.com is one of the best websites around in this subject area.  It is refreshing to see such a welcoming site that doesn’t confuse its visitors or try to impress them when it really isn’t necessary to do so.  For that reason alone it is definitely at the top of its game.