A Review Of The Website OzForex.Com

If you are looking for a website that offers far more than just a currency converter and some basic tools besides that, then take a look at www.ozforex.com.  Despite the Forex based website name it has plenty of information on it that many other people would find of interest as well, including business and personal sections of the site and much more besides.

People choose different websites when it comes to finding a currency converter for different reasons, and it all stems from why they need to use a currency converter in the first place.  There is no doubt that this particular site is geared up more for the foreign exchange markets than anything else, and that is why there is a heavy emphasis on that fact. 

But with that said, it is well worth exploring the site to see what it has to offer.

Starting with the home page

The light blue and yellow themes that run through the whole of this site greet you as soon as you arrive on the home page, and make it very easy on the eye.  This is a good thing because the home page has a lot on it to entice you in, so it needs a good design to pull it off successfully.

You’ll see right from the moment you set eyes on it that this site has plenty of different sections on it, but the home page splits each one up so that you don’t get confused.  There are blue columns on either side of the page which contain details of each section, making it easy to navigate and see at a glance where you should be going to get the information you want.

Each section is designed in the same way in these columns.  You will see the heading of each one, followed by a list of what can be found in that specific section.  This makes what could have been a complex and confusing site extremely straightforward to pick your way through.

It’s clear also from the information given about the site at the bottom of the home page that it is a professional site in every way, rather than simply being one that has been put together by a keen fan of the Forex markets.  This immediately gives you a lot of faith in the fact that www.ozforex.com.au is a site to be reckoned with, regardless of what country you are based in, or what kind of information you are after.

There is also a section in the bottom half of the home page which points to the fact that this website is a good place to go for up to date news as well.  It would be quite easy to arrive on this website in the morning and not leave until well into the evening, because there is simply so much information here that would be of use to you if you are involved in the Forex markets in any way.

There are also a couple of other points to note which are relevant to the home page.  The first is a ‘do not miss’ section which has four separate links in it leading you to sections which are of the most interest if you do dabble in the foreign exchange markets.  These include currency charts which are right up to date.

The second point worth mentioning is a tool that allows you to receive alerts when an exchange rate reaches a level set by you.  This isn’t a tool that is offered by every website that concentrates on currency in any form; so far we have come across just one other site that does this.  It may be something that more and more websites do get into though, since it offers a great amount of help to those who are heavily involved in the foreign exchange world and need to know when a certain currency hits a certain level.

The currency converter

This is exactly where it is easiest to find – right in the top left hand corner of the home page where you will be most likely to look first.  This is one of the hot spots for any website as it has been shown that people look in certain places before others.

It uses the simplest format available, which is to give you two drop down boxes to indicate the currency you are starting from and the one you want to convert it into, and then a box for you to type in the amount you are looking to convert.  It’s then a simple matter of hitting the Go button to get your results. 

You get an instant choice of twenty currencies in this small converter, which include all the most popular choices that anyone would want, regardless of which country you might be in to begin with.  The next page then shows you what the resulting conversion is, giving you the amount in the destination currency as well as what the exchange rate is in each direction.  Furthermore, if you click on the small yellow chart symbol between the two rates – it features a zig zag blue line across it – you will get a small pop up indicating how one currency has performed against the other over the last few months.

You can also create charts between other currencies from this small pop up page, without having to go back into the currency converter itself to choose two more.  This is just one simple feature that indicates the depth of thought that has gone into creating this website.

Below the actual currency converter you will see a further opportunity to do more conversions, but there are far more in the way of currencies to choose here.  You can easily get to the one you need by clicking in the required box and hitting the first letter of the country you are looking for.  They are all listed in this way – country followed by currency used.  This same and more in depth chart can also be reached by clicking on the ‘more currencies here’ link beneath the simple converter on the home page.

Other useful tools on this site

As you glance at the home page (and in fact any page on the www.ozforex.com.au site) you will see that there is a section in the left hand menu column which is headed ‘Tools and Calculators’.

This holds many useful tools which will come in handy for different reasons, but one which may be of interest to lots of different people is the historical exchange rates tool.  The currency information loaded into this section goes back as far as 1990, which is about as far as any website of this nature goes back, and in similarity with these other sites you will also see that not all currencies stretch back that far.

This tool allows you to retrieve statistics for either a period of months, or for exact dates, which could literally be as little as a day or much longer, depending on your needs and requirements.  You can also round up the results to the required number of places, making the data as accurate as you wish as you perform your search.  You will then receive a list of all the dates you have requested and the exchange rates that were in force on those days.  You will also see an overall average for the whole time period at the bottom, indicated in darker blue.

One of the most modern looking pages on this site is the one which gives you access to tools that can be used when you are out and about and you need to access the net via your mobile.  There are half a dozen URLs given here of pages that can be easily reached via a mobile.  While you can in theory look at any web page you like via a mobile phone, if they aren’t optimized to be looked at in this way then you won’t get the best results.  Bookmark these pages on your mobile if you feel you will make use of them at other times too – particularly the currency converter, which can come in handy on any number of occasions.

The tools section also contains a page which should really be on every website of this nature.  It is a resources page that is designed to be useful for those people who are only just discovering what the foreign exchange markets are all about. 

You may also like the weekly market watch.  When you visit this page you will see a recap of the previous week, but to get the full benefit you should subscribe to get the report via email each time.  This is a service that is provided free of charge and it is one that puts this website ahead of some of the others which merely provide the information on their site, rather than emailing it direct.  It is a kind of ‘potted history’ of what has been going on.

What other sections are there to explore?

The references and guides section has plenty of information stored to be of use to many different users of the site.  While this is again mostly targeted at the Forex users, there are separate pages for businesses both small and large, as well as a link which takes you into a page explaining the ins and outs of Forex.  This would undoubtedly suit those who are new to the subject and need a thorough grounding in it without being too daunted by the amount of information that is out there.  Everything is split into small sections so as not to confuse or overwhelm you, and it is very well written in order to make it easy to understand.

This section also contains a comprehensive glossary of terms used on both the website and in foreign exchange markets all over the world.  For newcomers to this arena it provides a useful way of getting to know the different terms and phrases in use, and it is split into seven sections to allow access to different terms more easily.

The personal FX section is very useful if you need information relating to your own personal needs, while there is also a separate business section which will reveal the knowledge you need about foreign exchange matters when you have business needs on a larger scale.  The information in each is slanted towards these markets, making them very user friendly.  It is certainly much better than having to pick your way through one main section to find the information that is relevant for your needs.

You can also use this website to make transactions if you visit the services section, and if you need some reassurance of how good the site is in this respect then it’s a good idea to take a look at the testimonials and case studies which show how other individuals and businesses have used the site and its services to their advantage.

Webmasters will find the section on web tools very interesting since it offers several useful tools that you can make use of.  You will also get an enhanced service from the site if you sign up for their free service.  Of course, there is the usual currency converter feature in here, but you will also gain access to commentary feeds and samples which might be of use to you depending on the nature of your own website.  It’s certainly worth signing up to receive notifications of any changes to these services if you intend to use them.

User friendly features

Firstly there is a comprehensive site map which is easily reached from the main navigation bar which runs across the top of the page.  You will see it on the far right hand side.  The site map is split into easy to locate sections and then each one has a list of clickable links underneath it that will ensure you can go straight into the part you want.

It should be said though that even though there is a site map included, you are very likely not to need it, since the columns on each side of the home page will easily direct you to where you need to go, regardless of the destination you have in mind.

There are also a couple of quick links at the very top of the page that will take New Zealanders and Britons to their own versions of this site, which are designed to appeal more to the people in those countries.  With that said though it is still clear that whichever of the three sites you visit, you will be greeted with a comprehensive website that delivers the goods to people in every country in the world.  These countries are simply the places where the original site is based, and they have plenty to offer to everyone.

There is also a contacts page which is far more in depth than those offered by a lot of similar websites.  Many of them offer a single email address which you send your email to in the hope that you actually get a reply.  This site is very different.  There are separate addresses for each type of query and there are also low cost local numbers and Skype contacts for your use as well.

In conclusion

If there was a competition for the most comprehensive website on currency that manages not to confuse its visitors, www.ozforex.com.au would probably win the top prize. 

It is clearly run by a large team of experts who know where to go to get the right information, and furthermore they have also managed to construct a site which gets that information across to whoever needs it in the most efficient way possible.

While the site is based in Australia it does not lose sight of the fact that it has a global audience, and there are many features which are designed to appeal to users in many countries.  The sheer number of charts and rates that are included in the Markets section point to this more than anything else.  No matter whether you are arriving on the site as a newbie in search of more information about the Forex game, or you are a seasoned pro in need of the latest data available, you will certainly find what you need right here.

The website has been going for a little over a decade now, and it has grown into the front of an impressive business that has a lot to offer.  It takes its ‘always open’ philosophy to the very edge of what it can do, and that’s why it doesn’t matter what country you are in; you will always find this site up to the minute with the information it provides.

In short, www.ozforex.com.au is one of the best choices you could make for anything to do with currency – whether you are looking for a currency converter to work out your vacation money, or you need the latest Forex rates to make another profit.