A Review Of The Website RTT News.Com

If you are interested in the Forex markets then you will want to have access to a handful of websites that give you all the news, views and information you need.  But these websites don’t always give you a more general view of what is going on in the wider financial world.

It’s clear that having a website which gives you a comprehensive look at various areas of financial news – including stocks, trading and investments – as well as the Forex markets would have a clear place in your preferred list of sites to visit on a regular basis.

As it happens, the website www.rttnews.com could well fill this void.  It covers a lot of ground and the wide ranging nature of the items revealed on the home page alone reveals a site that is able to fulfill many of your news and information needs.

Starting with the home page

This page is very well structured and uses an orange menu bar to differentiate it from the many financially led sites which always rely on blue.  The main section of the page is intriguing since it has several tabs for you to click on; the first part of this section reveals the current top stories which have a financial bent, while you can also see breaking news stories as they happen, quick news facts on various items and also a range of other headlines.

Clicking on any one of those headlines will bring up the relevant story for you to read, and this includes a small section which gives you links to other stories related to the one you have chosen to read.  It is a neat feature which really fits in well with the site.

Forex news is also covered at the top of the home page on the left hand side, and again you will see a number of tabs giving you extra information on this market.  The alerts option is particularly useful as it tells you how specific currencies are doing at present.

Global news sits neatly underneath this box, again concentrating on financial matters above all else.  There is the option to view more general news items here as well though.

A key area of this page which does stand out is the audio news section on the right hand side.  This allows you to listen to various reports through your computer, using an appropriate player.

The home page also features the always essential search facility in the top right hand corner, which is very well put together as it gives you the opportunity to search for various options all on the one page.  For example, if you are interested in the Forex markets you can enter a currency pair in the appropriate box.  Alternatively you can search for a particular company name or a specific keyword to find news stories and articles on the subject of your choice.

There is also a section right near the bottom of the page which gives you access to a wide range of calendars for your use.  These are completely up to date and offer information on many different financial matters, including dividends, earnings and announcements.

There is certainly plenty of depth on this page and it gives a decent insight into what the rest of the website has to hold. 

What sections are there to explore?

Clicking on the investors’ portion of the orange menu bar at the top of the page will bring up a new menu in the left hand column of the page.  The main stories and economic comments will also appear on this page, but the introduction of the new menu makes it easier to navigate your way around the various parts of the site.

The news section is a good example.  If you click on the small down arrow you will see a number of options come up for viewing a particular type of news story.  This is where you can see news relating to different areas of the world, as well as electing to view similar news items to those that were originally introduced on the home page.

Scrolling down to the bottom of any page featuring a news item will give you links to other similar items, leading you naturally through a particular topic with ease.

This left hand menu actually reveals a lot more in some areas than the main orange menu at the top of the page does, so it is worthwhile using this one wherever you can.  For example, if you click on the word Forex you will see a more comprehensive menu drop down that contains all the relevant parts of that area. 

It also works in much the same way as the general news section.  If you click on currency alerts the next page will reveal the top alert for that moment in time.  This will usually concern how a specific currency is performing.  But once again if you scroll down you will see plenty of links to more related items.  This section in particular is a good one to remember since it will help you to gauge how to proceed with your own Forex strategy.

The commentary portion of the site is another well structured one which breaks each region of the world down into separate sections and deals with each one in turn.  So for example if you are looking at the commentary on the US markets to begin with, you can elect to click on the European commentary option in the menu on the left hand side and read up on what is happening in that area of the world as well.

The commentaries are generally two pages long and you’ll notice there is also an RSS feed option at the bottom of each one, so you don’t always need to visit the website to take a look at the ones that are of the most interest to you.

You will also notice that many pages have a small ‘most popular’ box on them, in the top right hand corner.  This features the most frequently read news items and articles on the site at present, while you can also see a short list of the items which are more frequently being emailed to other people.  If you take a look at the bottom of any news item on the website, you will see that you can print or email every story you read, so if you spot something you would like to share with someone else, you can do so at the click of a button.

That little box also shows you which items the editor thinks are worth reading the most at the moment, so you have a lot of versatility offered to you simply by glancing through this box every time you arrive on the site.

If you have your own website that is concerned with financial news and views, then you might wish to consider having a look at the Content Sales section.  While there doesn’t appear to be any free options or content available to use (such as widgets or currency converters for example) this site can provide a lot more if you are in a position to pay for the right services.  You’ll find the relevant phone number and email address at the bottom of this section to find out more.

Finally there is a very useful tool which is available via the website that will be of great interest if you do delve into the currency or stock markets on a regular basis.  If getting up to date news on what is going on is crucial to you in deciding how to proceed with your future buying and selling, then you need to visit the page that offers the desk alert software.

This can be accessed from the left hand menu on the investors’ page.  You’ll see it right at the bottom and all you need to do is click on it to be taken into the page where you can read all about the facilities and benefits it offers you.  This is simply another great addition to an already superb site which really does try to cover all the bases, and for the most part does it successfully.

The software operates on alerts sent from the website’s servers, depending on what may be going on in the markets at any one time.  So if something important is going on, you will be the first to hear about it via a pop up window on your screen.  In short, it’s a great tool that you will no doubt find indispensable.

How user friendly is the website?

The site itself is well designed, professional looking and extremely well laid out.  Once you have become familiar with the home page you should have no problem finding your way around the rest of the site.

There is also a useful feature on how to use the site properly, which can be found at the foot of any page.  This particular page is well worth bookmarking if you have any interest in the stock market since it gives you a comprehensive list of the services they offer – all free of charge – and the pages of the site on which they can be found. 

The site also offers a wide range of RSS feeds for you to subscribe to.  Each one is highly focused and saves you the hassle of having to wade through a lot of information that you don’t have any use for.  There is also a feedback form provided for you to use if you have any issues or suggestions concerning the site. 

From the overall design to the features included and the ease of use that points to a well thought out website, www.rttnews.com is clearly an impressive addition to the range of financial websites online today.

What is the single best feature?

The Forex section wins the day here, with a comprehensive page that leads you off into all kinds of directions.  The main page gives you the latest news on movements and developments in the currency market, while there is also an economic calendar included near the bottom of the page.  This informs you about various events happening in different countries and areas of the world.

There is also plenty of economic news split into sections that relate to different areas of the world; for example you can read the latest news and commentary relevant to Asia.

This section does indicate the global nature and focus of the website as a whole, but it also reveals how each section delves into more depth on a more concentrated basis.  The page also refreshes automatically every minute or so, ensuring that you always see the most up to date news as it is added to the site.

All of the world news stories in this section are very comprehensive, sometimes spreading over more than one page, and it leaves you in no doubt that if you want the most detailed report on a specific situation this is a good site to start with.

In conclusion

There is no doubting the fact that www.rttnews.com puts the focus firmly on financial news.  While there are plenty of other parts to this website, it is the news element which strikes you over and over again, no matter what page or section you are on.

The detailed nature of the news stories themselves is also another great feature of this site.  Many websites only provide brief details on each news story, perhaps giving no more than a paragraph or two in some cases.  But www.rttnews.com does much more than that, turning every news item into a detailed report that goes much further than many of its competitors.

It may take you a short while to get used to where all the features are on this site and how to make the best use of them, but the time you spend doing so will be worth it, since you will gain a far greater understanding of its focus and drive for providing the best financial news out there today.

If you need a comprehensive news site that gets straight to the point, then www.rttnews.com is certainly one to consider.