A Review Of The Website Wn.Com

At first glance this website may not seem to be dedicated to financial news, but in actual fact it goes a lot deeper than you may think.  The website address of www.wn.com (the WN stands for World News, giving an indication that this does in fact have a strong global focus rather than concentrating on a single area or country) is merely the main home page of this site, and from there you can explore any number of pages and sites that this company has, giving you an in depth look at everything to do with finance.

The key is in knowing where to go and how to find what you want, and that is what we will take a look at in this article.

Starting with the home page

This is a home page which has many sections and links to other places, and its purpose is clearly to lay out what to expect from the rest of the website, as well as providing a clear outline of the best news stories that are currently circulating.

The biggest international news stories greet you first, but these are headlines in general – you need to look a little deeper to get to the financial sections, although they aren’t hard to find.  You’ll see a colorful menu in the column on the left hand side, and every one of the small plus symbols can be clicked on to make that section expand, showing you all the sub-sections you can look at.  It is the business section in general we should be most interested in, and we’ll take a closer look at this in the next segment. 

But it is worth mentioning here that this section not only includes different areas of the world, it also directs you straight to other pages of the site – and indeed other websites in the WN network, which is a considerable size – to bring you the best information possible.

But a little further down the home page we can see some financial information without having to go anywhere else.  For example, on the right hand side there is a search facility allowing you to look up financial symbols included on the website. 

Below this there is a currency converter which takes you into a new page when you make a conversion.  If you need to do a few of these then it is certainly a useful page to keep open on your screen.

Still further down this page is a small box with three tabbed options at the top.  This is also on the right hand side of the page and it lets you switch between reading the top news in the business, economy and markets sections of the site.  As far as a quick at a glance feature is concerned this is a particularly good one, and you can go straight into each story by clicking on the headline given.  The source of the story is also given in lighter type underneath.

It doesn’t take long to realize the sheer scope of this site, and its importance in the global news field.  It has a great deal of interest in the financial stories which are affecting people all round the world, and that interest extends to the foreign exchange markets and much more besides.  It is not surprising therefore that with such a lot of content to search through, there is a comprehensive search feature at the bottom of the page, which allows you to search for the kind of news you are looking for.

There is also a tabbed ‘news by region’ section at the bottom of the page, which has a business section featuring financial stories among others.

The global nature of this site becomes even clearer once you scroll down a little further though, since there are links to ten main world sites on the WN network, each concentrating on a different region.  If you click on any of these you can start looking through financial stories relating to your chosen area of interest.  There is also a business section with links to five other sites and sections within their network for you to look at.

It is clear to see that this is one of the most comprehensive organizations when it comes to news.  Whatever you need to know on a financial basis you are certain to find a link to some area of the site or sites that contains just what you are looking for.  The color coded menu sections make it easy to navigate round the site and indeed the whole network, and there is certainly plenty to discover.

What sections are there to explore?

Let’s start with that business section.  There are links here which lead to pages focused on many different countries of the world.  Looking at Japan’s business pages as an example, we can see that the main headlines in that country – many of them financially related – are displayed on the first page you see.  But there is also a heavy emphasis on financial matters elsewhere.

For example, there are the latest headlines on events concerning the Nikkei, and how various stocks are currently doing.  Clicking on the business link in the top menu bar takes you into yet another page which reveals the latest financial reports from the Asian region. 

The menu column on the left hand side is also worth taking another look at, as it will now display links relevant to that area of the world.  So for example you can see in this case several links to business subjects in Tokyo and much more besides.  This pattern is repeated through the various countries that you can access through the main page at www.wn.com.

Going elsewhere on the site (and indeed in the network) from that main menu column, the currency tab takes you into the same page that the converter is on.  You could almost miss the tiny links given to you at the bottom of this page, but they take you into other areas worth considering in this part of the website.  For example you can look at a market summary given in chart form, or access another chart which allows you to work out data on currency futures.  It is a small section given the size of the rest of the site, but it is no less useful for that.

Also of interest to us is the Forex page.  The top of the page is taken up by a large image and the main news story in the foreign exchange arena at the moment, and this is followed by a long list of other Forex news headlines.  This also stretches to more than one page.

You will also find photo stories below that, one or two of which are often available to watch on video.  Clicking on any news story brings up a new internet page so that your original page remains untouched.  Incidentally this is a feature which keeps cropping up on this website, making it easy not to lose where you are – and almost essential on a site of this size.

But back on the main menu on the main page you can also link into the money based website in the WN network.  This has the same familiar colored menu in the left hand column, but the main page here is filled with financial stories.

But it is what is underneath the headlines that you may find of more interest.  There is a whole grid of small color pictures linking into different areas of the world, different site links into money market related websites, and much more besides.  Most of these are listed under different domain names, but when you go into them you will see that the WN name is still present on the site, and the layout is somewhat familiar too.

If you haven’t yet got a grip on how big this network is, you might be starting to get a rough idea just about now!

How user friendly is the website?

It is difficult to get a real grip on just how big this network of sites really is, but having said that you never have any trouble navigating your way around them.  The color scheme and design make locating particular items, sites and pages very easy, and even if there is one particular type of news you are after – such as the financial news for example – you won’t have too much trouble finding it and delving into what is included there.

In short, WN has done an impressive job in making such a large network so easy to find your way around, and it never drops the ball in its task to bring you the best information from all around the world.

What is the single best feature?

So far we have never picked a site map as being the best feature on any particular site, but we feel we have to do so here since it is by far the most impressive and comprehensive one we have ever seen.  When you see a sitemap that actually has its own web address – in this case it is http://wnsitemap.com – you know the size of the site(s) must be pretty large.

The search results box shows a constantly changing collage of small color pictures, giving you the chance to click on any one of them for more information.  But the main sitemap is on the left hand side, and it looks very much like the file folders you see on your computer.

Click on any one of these and the section expands to show you what is inside it.  You can then click on the one you need, and you’ll see that there is a whole network of sites included here.  It isn’t until you see the sitemap that you realize just how comprehensive this network is. 

That is what makes the World News network worth bookmarking in your browser.

In conclusion

If you had to use the phrase ‘no stone left unturned’ for a website, then www.wn.com would be the website to use that for.  The sheer scope of its additional sites and sub-sites is so large that you could take several months to crawl through all the pages and sites in its armory. 

The key to using this site as a starting point is to find and bookmark those pages that are of the most interest to you.  Everyone will find the areas that appeal to them and the journey towards finding them is intriguing indeed.

The best route to doing this is to locate the part of the network that deals with the country you are in first.  Once you have found that, you can move on to research the site in more depth and make a note of those pages that interest you the most.

It is clear that this is a good place to come for financial news, even though it may seem a little basic to begin with.  Once you find the right regional area and pages for you, the headlines for that area become clearer and are easy to read and digest.  There are so many pages involved with this site that it is hard to believe that you won’t find what you are looking for.

In short, this website has redefined the word comprehensive.  There can’t be many things that it doesn’t get to know about, and its sources are always clearly labeled so you can go directly to them if you wish.  It will also be more than adequate for your other news needs, regardless of what area they may concern.

The site www.wn.com clearly has an in depth section on financial news however, and it is this that will bring it to the attention of anyone interested in the stock market, the foreign exchange market, or any events that are going on that influence them.

There is no doubt that this is a site that you need to devote some time to getting the best from.